"Airlie is an 11 year old Earthie girl caught up in a bigger adventure than she can imagine. One night, she loses a tooth and wakes up to see her Tooth Fairy fly into a tree portal in her back yard! Being adventurous, she jumps through the portal herself! Little does she know that she just jumped into her own magical destiny. It turns out she’s descended from the Tooth Fairies, and she’s destined to play a key role in an ancient struggle between good and evil." - Meet Your Tooth Fairy movie website

Physical Appearance Edit

Airlie is a blonde, Caucasian girl with blue-green eyes. Her hair is shoulder length, and partially in a ponytail on one side. Her eyebrows are a bit darker than her hair. She wears a jean jacket over a teal shirt. She also wears a pink purse fanny pack style over a white skirt and black multicolored leggings. Her shoes are green and yellow, with pink shoelaces. She also wears a necklace with a small Earth pendant, which might be a gift from her father.