Avalanne is one of the Real Tooth Fairies and an architect who designs castles, and the pictures that go on Dream Trees . Her Furry pet is Rainbow Bunny, and her favourite colour is Radiant Rainbow. Her favorite food is fruit, and she likes cheerleading and gymnastics. Her song is "Magical Painter".

Physical DescriptionEdit

She is a black fairy, whose hair is brown, and shown as straight and curly on numerous occasions. She has three braids on one side of her crown, colored pink, yellow, and blue. Her dress is primarily yellow, with a rainbow bust and belt, with a purple "A" as the buckle. She wears pink pants, and is the only Real Tooth Fairy to do so. She also wears yellow pumps with purple heels and rainbow criss-crossing. Her wings are ranbow-colored, starting with red on top.

Avalanne on book

Avalanne on the cover of her book

Avalanne's Wishing SpellEdit

Paint a magic picture,

Of what you

Want to do,

Then believe

In yourself,

For a dream come true!

As Seen in Movie Edit

In the Meet Your Tooth Fairy movie, Avalanne is mostly the same, but her wings have changed, and her hair now fades to blue.

"As an artist and architect, Avalanne’s creativity empowers her to paint magical pictures with light. These paintings are living windows that she and her friends can step into and

Avalanne cb-700x450

explore – especially handy for adventuring or urgent escapes! Avalanne encourages Airlie to “think all that you can imagine, build all that you can dream, and paint all that your heart can feel.”" -Meet Your Tooth Fairy website