Brigitte is one of the six Real Tooth Fairies. She makes music at the Magic Music Studio, and plans parties. Her favourite colour is Violet Vibes, and her favourite food is salad. Her favourite sport is soccer, and her favorite subject is High Tech Magic. Her Furry pet is Tambi Cat, and her song is "Hangin' Out Line Dance".

Physical DescriptionEdit

Brigitte is Hispanic, and has orange-brown hair with one ponytail on the top of her head. Her wings are purple, with black accents and hearts on her wingtips. Her dress is purple, with black stripes on her chest and torso. Her skirt is a lighter purple and fringed, with two hearts on one side. Her boots are purple, with three heart cutouts on the front of each shoe.

Brigitte's Rockin' SpellEdit

Sing who you are!

That's the thing to do!

'Cause the most rockin'

Magic is Y-O-U!

As Seen In Movie Edit

In the Meet Your Tooth Fairy movie, Brigitte’s wings change, and her hair becomes darker, fading to violet. She is the only Real Tooth Fairy to undergo a name change for the movie, from Brigitte to Brigida.

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"A musician, composer and sound techie, Brigida has the magical ability to coax music from almost anything in Real Fairyland. She mixes music in a GlowMagic mixing board of glowing light and color – the ultimate recording studio! Brigida teaches Airlie to “hear with your head but listen with your heart.”" -Meet Your Tooth Fairy website