Earthie is a term used by the Real Tooth Fairies to refer to all humans, but usually girls. Earthies and the Earth (sometimes referred to as Earthe) are often seen in Real Tooth Fairy media, their Kindness being the source of Real Fairyland's Magic.

Making your Earthie GirlEdit

Making an Earthie is a simple process that comes with making an account on the Real Tooth Fairies website.

1. Customize your Earthie

Firstly, you will need to customize yourself. Skin and hair color & hairstyles can't be changed, but clothes can be bought and changed in the Closet when you sign on.

2. Get matched to your Real Tooth Fairy

You have to take Queen Sirona's Royal Quiz to be matched to your Real Tooth Fairy. Questions include your favorite Tooth Fairy Pet, fovorite color, and what kind of present you want in your Grand Suite.

3. Name, Username, Verification

You will have to tell the Real Tooth Fairies your name at this point. Your real name is never revealed to other Earthies, instead using your username for all public interaction. If you are a child, you will need a parent's e-mail address to continue at this point.