Every Kindness Counts is a program made by Queen Sirona, and encourages Earthies to spread Kindness all around the world! Every time an Earthie is kind, they glow on the inside, and the Earth glows too! Queen Sirona carefully watches the Glow Score to make sure Kindness always wins out over Gloom. On the Real Tooth Fairies website, Earthies can pick Kindness tickets to do, and then record the Kindness they do to get Kindness tickets. Each time an Earthie does six Kindnesses, they go up a Kindness level and get a charm on their Kindness bracelet. The charms start with Ladybug, then go up to Butterfly, Starfish, Dove, Swan, Dolphin, Unicorn and Lioness! Earthie kids can also start a Kindness Week at their school, where students' Kindnesses help fund a global charity!

Kindness starts with you!