Lost Tooth Collection Edit

When an Earthie loses a tooth, the Earthie's Real Tooth Fairy will come to Earth through magical portals and the Earth arch. The Tooth Fairy then collects the lost tooth, and returns to Real Fairyland. She then puts the lost tooth in the Earthie's Dream Tree. An Earthie can also send a Magic Letter to their Tooth Fairy for losing their tooth.

Tooth Virtues Edit

A flower blooms in the Earthie's Virtue Garden for every tooth they lose. The Tooth Virtues start with Patience and Laughter, and, as the Earthie loses teeth, they can work their way up to Fair Play, Empathy, and Kind Anger. Queen Sirona hosts an annual Virtue Ball for the lost teeth and virtues practiced in that year. 20 fairies are crowned Princesses of the Virtue for the virtue they practiced most that year.