Stacey is the newest Real Tooth Fairy, and was once an Earthie girl, with Twinkle as her Tooth Fairy! She teaches flying ballet, and is a reporter for the Real Fairyland News. Her favourite food is smoothies, and her Furry is Reffie the Lion, who used to be her stuffed lion when she was an Earthie. She is the only Real Tooth Fairy with two songs, "The Magic That is You" and "Brush On a Glowing Smile."

Physical DescriptionEdit

− Stacey has straight brown hair that comes down to her shoulders. She has a purple dress, with jewels on the chest & stomach. Her wings are also purple, with hearts, jewels, and a thin blue border.

Stacey's Silly Spell Edit

If you're feeling gloomy, in a slump,

A silly spell can melt the grump.


Jump on the bed,


Laugh instead!

As Seen in Movie Edit

In the Meet Your Tooth Fairy movie, Stacey is mostly the same, but her wings are different, her sleeves are asymmetrical, and her crown is mainly gold instead of purple & blue. Her original brown hair now fades to purple.

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"Stacey is the newest of the Tooth Fairies, and the night that Airlie came through the portal was Stacey’s first night on the job. Back in Real Fairyland, Stacey is tasked with looking out for Airlie, since Airlie’s powers can appear (and disappear) at dangerous times. Stacey loves to do ballet and she’s also an expert in writing code for GlowMagic apps – she calls it “dancing with your brain”." -Meet Your Tooth Fairy website