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The Elffs geared-up for a rescue mission

The Time Travel Elffs are the male equivilent of the Real Tooth Fairies. It consistist of six known members, all male. Prince Evan is the leader of the Elffs. They are commonly called the TT Elffs.

The Time Travel ElffsEdit

The Time Travel Elffs are friends of the Real Tooth Fairies. They write Magic Letters and make suprise for the boys- then the Real Tooth Fairies deliver those letters and surprises. The Tibuhjbubjkjbklbn/; 

me Travel Elffs are busy being superheros and traveling through time (hence their group name) to protect the earth from the Gloom Shadows who invade past time slices. 

Time Travel rescues gearEdit

They wear their secret Time Travel gear at Elff Bunker & on their dangerous travels back in time. In the Illusion Library, they get clothing and gear for the year they're diving into. This way, they'll blend in with other people in that time as they go searching for the invading Gloom Shadows. 


The Time Travel Elffs attend the Elff Insitute of Time Travel where they study history so they know all about the past times they have to go into on Time Travel Missions. The Elff's school is next to Real Fariyversity and the TT Elffs and Real Tooth Fairies love to hang out together in the courtlard during lunch and after class.


The Time Travel Elffs live in Time Travel Tower, accross from the Time Travel Bunker. In the Bunker, they watch over and protect the Earth's past time and keep the Gloom Shadows from trying to change the past times to evil outcomes. They also come into Real Fairyland for royal celebrations and events. 

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