Triana is one of the six Real Tooth Fairies, and a vet who works at the Furry Res-Q Center. Her Furry is Snowette Poodle, and she likes edamame. Her favorite

color is Glowing Green, and she likes biology and swimming. Her song is "When You Believe".

Physical DescriptionEdit

Triana is Asian, with pale skin and short, black hair. She is the only Real Tooth Fairy with a pixie cut-esque haircut. Her wings are light pink, leopard-patterned, and have a green border. Her dress is asymmetric, and off-the-shoulder. It is also the same shade of green, and have acccents that are similar to the insides of her wings. Her boots are also green, with the same pink leopard patter on the top and feet of her boots.

Triana's Animal SpellEdit



Off on a rescue

I must dash.

As Seen In Movie Edit

In the Meet Your Tooth Fairy movie, Triana’s hair is much longer than it originally was, fading to pink. Her crown and wings have changed, and her hair now fades to light blue.

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"Triana is Real Fairyland’s magical veterinarian, who not only can heal animals, but understand their language as well. She often takes Airlie, Stacey and Jett on field trips, where she teaches them that nature is like a giant puzzle with all the pieces connected – if you change one piece, you change the whole picture." -Meet Your Tooth Fairy website