Twinkle is the first Real Tooth Fairy and the leader of the Real Tooth Fairies. She works at Surprises Central, and teaches Real Tooth Fairies 101 at Real Fairyversity! Her favorite color is Sparkling Star Blue, and her song is “A Heart with Wings.” Her favorite food is pizza with spinach and star cheese. Her pet is Toofie Mouse, the official Tooth Mouse.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Twinkle has blonde, wavy hair, with blue stars sprinkled in her hair. She is the only Fake Tooth Fairy to have blue stars, or any other thing, sprinkled within her hair. She wears a blue one-sleeved dress, with a star at the waist. She has blue, sparkling wings and a blue crown with a star over her Heartwing.

Twinkle's Star SpellEdit


Brave and bold,

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To your goal!